Filming with Practical Photography Magazine

© bauer media

© bauer media


Recently I was invited by Practical Photography magazine to join them for some filming on the Dorset coast at Portland. I would be teaming up with fellow landscape photographer Jeremy Walker to try and get some images of Pulpit Rock and the famous Portland Bill lighthouse.

After booking into the Hotel Aqua in Portland, I met up with Louise and Jake from Practical Photography. We had a chat over coffee to go through the plan for the shoot and what would be expected. Jeremy joined us a little while after and we all thought the weather would play a big role in the direction the shoot would go and we were not wrong!

We made our way up to the famous Portland Bill lighthouse with the intention of shooting the light house and Pulpit Rock. Filming would be taking place just as Storm Ali was approaching from the Atlantic. The wind and sea spray were giving the English coast line a battering which meant that Pulpit Rock was to be a no go! Undeterred by this we made our way to The Lobster Pot tea rooms for a hot drink and some of the best Banoffee Pie i’ve had, whilst we planned our attack.

With winds gusting upto 40 mph at times, Jeremy opted to play on his years of experience and found a small secluded ledge that offered shelter from the wind and sea spray. Me? Well, I decided to go in hard and faced the elements head on. I wanted to use Portland Bill in one of my images but this meant that I had to face the full force of the wind and spray to get the composition I wanted.


With the last of the light quickly fading away we decided that enough was enough and made our way back to the hotel to dry off and change into some warmer clothes. I gave my Nikon D850, Nikon 20mm f/1.8 and Lee filters a clean of before all the salt had chance to dry and cause problems. Over dinner that evening we had time to reminisce about the evening’s shooting, along with swapping stories of locations we’ve visited and checking out each others social media pages.


Day 2 promised to be slightly calmer according to the weather reports, but as my 4:30am alarm woke me up I could hear the wind was even more fierce than the day before. Learning from my experience the previous evening I decided to opt for a more sheltered location this time. With the lighthouse behind me I decided to again focus on the small crane I had used at sunset. The sunrise didn't look as if it was going to cast any colour because of the thick layer of cloud but at the 11th hour a small break in the cloud allowed some orange light to flow through.


With the shots in the bag it was off home to edit them and submit them to features editor Louise. The whole experience of filming and working with the “UK’s best-selling photo magazine” was an amazing opportunity and I’d like to thank both feature editor Louise Carey and videographer Jake Kindred for inviting me to join them and for making both days enjoyable and memorable. Hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to work with them again in the not too distant future.

Practical Photography Magazine will hit the shelves on the 25th October. Make sure you grab yourself a copy!